“Carla is the type of individual that keeps her focus on the financials of a company. She is proficient, organized and a very good person to have overseeing an entity’s operations.”

Jane Hetherington President at Jane E. Hetherington, CPA PC 

“Carla has the ability to think strategically and globally to fill the role needed. She has experienced and understands all details of the functions that an accountant, merchandiser and sales agent uses to navigate in a complex modern business.”

Dave Kressin, PMP Supply Chain Project Management Consultant

“Carla is an energetic and enthusiastic problem solver that is solutions driven. She also brings creativity to get a job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Carla is one of the hardest working people I know!”

Sally Harbeson Manager Emergency Response at Southwest Airlines

Expert on Quickbooks

“Fast, accurate and expert on QuickBooks. Carla is detail orientated. I am a CPA and I have worked with Carla for a number of years. She is one of the best bookkeepers I have worked with.

CPA Inc.

Services Received: Payroll, QuickBooks Payroll, QuickBooks setup

The Best Bookkeeper Around

“Our CPA firm utilizes Carla’s services on a regular basis. She is very hands on and doesn’t miss anything. I highly recommend Carla for any business owner who wants to get a accurate picture of their company.”

JRG Taxes

Industry: Offices of Certified Public Accountants

Services Received: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Consulting, Financial reporting, Payroll, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks Payroll, QuickBooks setup, Startup consulting

Accuracy Should Be Her Middle Name

“Carla is great to work with because she takes pride in what she does and she does it very well. As a small business, we are often stretched thin in handling all the things we need to do and having her is a big help in keeping things running smoothly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend her services to any business.”

Whelan & Williams Inc.

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: Bookkeeping, QuickBooks setup, QuickBooks training